Slide ZimaOne® is an internal employee communications platform, that connects your entire workforce and organization with news, knowledge and tools to become more productive. The company portal that brings your organization together Learn more Your internal employee app that
connects your entire workforce
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Bring your company together with an employee app

Reach & Connect Everyone

Reach and connect your entire workforce with the right information and right messages.

Improve Communication

Connect your workforce with feed, chat, workgroups for improved internal communication.

Improve Productivity

Tools to make your frontline workers more effective and productive.

Improve Teamwork

Make sure everyone works together and everyone becomes a part of the company.
Everyone's invited to create a great workplace

Reach and connect everyone in your organization from mobile and web

  • Everyone have access, anytime, anywhere
  • Use your smartphone to download the free app and get connected
  • Easy to use, everyone can get it going right away without any introduction
  • Connect office and frontliners with ease
  • Make sure new employees quickly finds all information needed
Get the communication going

Improve internal communications and never miss any information again

  • Daily feed and news keeps everyone informed and updated
  • Communicate 1-to-1 and in Chatgroups
  • Use Workgroups to work together in teams, shifts or projects
  • Give likes, comments and feedback in real-time
Become more digitalized

Tools to help your frontline workers to become more productive

  • Find knowledge and information at the right time
  • Communicate with everyone, in groups, in teams, in projects
  • Share knowledge of any kind with co-workers and colleques
  • You can meassure the results on the bottom line
It's all about teamwork!

Engage and motivate your employees with the right messages and build strong company culture

  • Tools to find information at the right time
  • Tools to become more productive and effective
  • Tools to communicate with everyone, in groups, in teams, in projects
  • Tools to share knowledge of any kind
  • You can meassure the results on the bottom line
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