Create teamwork on a whole new level!
Teamwork have never been easier

Work together on a whole new level and become more productive and effective

Workgroups is where you can work together in teams, projects, shifts or any type of collaboration where you can work together in a more focussed way. Now you have a central place for working together to become more productive and effective.

  • Workgroups can be open for everyone or private (closed area)
  • Create unlimited channels in Workgroups for different topics
  • Upload files and documents to Workgroups
  • Add Members, Departments or Locations to a Workgroup
Everything is possible

Create workgroups for teams, shifts, crews, projects or anything you can think of

You can create workgroup of any kind and for any purpose. If you need to work together or reach a group of people workgroups is the way to go. Information and collaboration is focussed inside those workgroups. Only the imagination sets the limits.

  • Create Unlimited Workgroups
  • Use it for projects, teams, shifts, groups or anything you can think of
  • Easy to be a member of mulitple Workgroups
  • You can mute a Workgroup
Reach the right people with what matters

The right information to the right people at the right time – yes it’s that simple

Using Workgroups as a collaboration tool, you can work more closely with selected group of people, where you only reach and connect that specific target. That makes collaboration much more precise and accurate. The right information, to the right people at the right time.

  • Focussed teamwork
  • Only the people involved will have access
  • Everyone gets notified when new updates are there
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