Become much more productive and effective using an employee app that gives your workforce the tools to get the right information at the right time.

Work together as a team!
The employee portal to the company news and information

Reach and connect your entire workforce, also those on construction sites

Your frontline workers are spread out over many constructions sites and can therefor be hard to reach and connect. Using ZimaOne Workplace App, you can now reach and connect your workforce with tools to become more included, to be more productive and be a part of the company.

  • Reach and connect everyone, also those on construction sites
  • Make sure everyone becomes a part of the company
  • Build stronger company- and team spirit
  • Engage and motivate your crews with the right messages
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Information right at your fingertips at the right time

Make sure everyone is updated with latest changes, files, documents, workplans

Reach and connect your workforce on the construction sites.

  • Create Workgroups to ..
  • Share files in Workgroups or File Manager
  • Use Feed and Workgroups to keep …
Everyone gets home safely

Create a safe workplace environment and avoid potentially costly incidents and accidents

Make sure that everyone gets home safely and property is damage free, by giving your frontline workers tools and information to build and maintain a safe workplace environment. It’s something you can measure on staff well being and the buttom line.

  • Make sure everyone have the right safety information and instructions on hand
  • Educate and inform everyone with the latest safety instructions
  • Register all incidents and accidents to prevent them happening again
  • Share knowledge and knowhow to prevent incidents and accidents happening
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Save time and money

Tools to become more productive

Reach and connect your workforce on the construction sites.