Bring your entire organization together no matter size, industry or technology
The digital company hub for all your employees
Connect Your Deskless Workforce

Employee App

Reach and connect your entire workforce with a mobile app platform, that brings tools and features to your frontline workers, helping them becoming more included, productive and effective. No matter size, industry, when and where. Always be connected.

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Connect and Reach the Entire Organization

Intranet Platform

An internal intranet platform that connects your entire organization with news, communication, knowledge sharing and gives tools to find information right from their smartphone. It’s effective and works anytime and anywhere.

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Get Your Group Together in One Hub

Private Workspace Hub

Need a private and closed workspace to collaborate and communicate, share news, share files, documents, knowledge and know-how? Then ZimaOne® is the solution that will bring your group together. It’s fast, easy, mobile and cost-effective and can be used in many different business cases.

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