Find all the contact info right away
Always updated information

Find contact information right at your fingertips

The organization feature gives you the full information about the organization. Now you can find all the contact information right at your fingertips. Easily find any contact info you need or start communicating via the chat feature. Everything always available and updated.

  • Find information about your co-workers
  • Find information about your manager and colleques
  • All base information such as phone number, e-mail etc.
  • Easily update your own information
Learn and understand the organization

Full overview of the entire organization

Easily find all the basic information about the organization and their contact information such as address information, what departments are there, who are department manager. Also find information of important roles in the organization, always updated and available.

  • Overview of all locations and address information
  • Overview of all departments and their managers
  • Overview of important roles like who is CEO, CFO, Safety Manager etc.
In case of an emergency

Emergency contact information are always updated

Every user can create and maintain their own list of emergency contacts. Then they can share it with the organization (optional) and with the management and HR. Always updated emergency contacts in case of any medical- or emergency event.

  • Add as many emergency contacts you want
  • Share with admin, management and HR
  • Share with colleques and co-workers (optional)
  • Always updated information
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