News Feed and Social Wall
This is the heartbeat of the organization! Where everything is happening.
This is the company heartbeat, where everyone gets updated

Don’t miss any information and make sure everyone is in the loop of news and what is happening

This is the heartbeat of the organization. Don’t miss any important information anymore, but stay always updated on what is going on in the company and organization with the news feed and social wall.

  • Post company news and share stories with everyone
  • Target your audience
  • Attach any media and files to posts
  • Pin to top or mark important for more attention
  • Schedule posts for future
Build company culture and bring people together

Motivate and engage people by sharing stories and bringing out the good vibes

Create a great culture and give your employees and oportunity to share the stories and bring out the good messages that will motivate, engage and bring people together. This will help build company culture and bring out ideas, innovation and better teamwork.

  • Comments and Likes
  • Create polls to get opinions
  • Acknowledge employees and teams
  • Let people know about new hires, anniversaries, birthdays
  • Everyone can share their stories
Create internal campaigns and reach everyone

Promote campaigns, brand, products and company culture right in front of your workforce

Use the feed to promote your brand, products and company culture. That will bring awareness of new products and bring campaigns right in front of your workforce. Everyone will be in the loop of what’s going on and what’s new.

  • Promote brand and product
  • Create campaigns of new products
  • Keep everyone updated on new campaigns
  • Promote company culture and values
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