Knowledge Library
Make knowledge available for everyone!
Knowledge is key

Share any kind of knowledge with everyone – available from anywhere and anytime

Knowledge is key – and now you can share any kind of knowledge right to the employees mobile. Using the knowledge library you can start building a comprehensive information portal with all the knowledge inside the organization. Available from mobile and fully searchable.

  • Unlimited Folders (With Permissions)
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Easy to use Editor
  • Attach any kind of files and media to Articles
  • Commenting on Articles
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Expand know-how and experience

Let employees give back know-how and experiences, so innovation will grow

Get all the know-how and experiences back into the knowledge portal, so everyone can learn from best practices and everyone can share their personal experience. Maybe there are other ways and better ways to do a certain task or differencies needed to be mentioned. Grow the innovation and build company knowledge.

  • Commenting on Articles
  • Add personal experience or know-how to Articles
  • Share know-how with everyone
Safety first

Create safe workplaces and help avoid accidents – so everyone gets home safely

Make sure everyone have access to the latest safety instructions and make sure everyone knows what to do in the different situations. Upload safety instructions, videos and PDF’s and share all the information how to stay safe at the workplace.

  • Organize safety in any folder structure
  • Create Articles of any topic
  • Attach videos, instructions, PDF or Word
  • Keep everyone safe with the right information
See our Incident Management Module to register incidents
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