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connects everyone
Focus on people and information sharing, ZimaOne® is an easy to use intranet platforms that is setup in minutes.

The intranet platform that put communication and people first

Make sure everyone is updated on what is going on in the group, project or team. With ZimaOne you can easily connect people in the same workspace, where they can find a number of productive tools to have a centralized location where everyone are always updated.

Get started quickly

  • Easy to setup and get going – only a few minutes
  • Easy to invite users, just use e-mail or mobile number
  • Enable or disable features as like or add them later
  • Requires almost no introduction to end users

Access from anywhere and anytime!

ZimaOne® is a true mobile enabled intranet. That means that the mobile is at it’s forefront of development and therefor always supports the entire intranet features and modules. The user interface is easy to navigtate and understand for everyone.

  • Easy to use for all userlevels
  • Supports both Android and IOS platform
  • Supports Ipads and Android based tablets
  • Every browser supported

News distribution and information flow that reaches everyone

Reach everyone

Use Feed and Social Wall to share company news, campaigns and stories fast and easily to your entire organization no matter where they are located. It saves time and makes everyone a part of what is going on in the company.


Create workgroups for targeted communication

Need more targeted communication and sharing, then create workgroups to support your teams, projects or groups of any kind. Workgroups are focussed teamwork where all information is targeted to a select group of people.

Share knowledge so it reaches everyone right in their hands

Documents and Knowledge Library

Bring your company together in one social app, will help bringing teamwork and cutture to the workforce. This will include everyone and motivate the teamwork and collaboration throughout the entire organization.


Employee Handbook

By collaborating on app where everyone can be a bigger part of the family and company, will also motivate everyone to share their stories, ideas and give feedback and valuable information back to teams and managment. This will bring innovation and make great workplaces.

Safe and Secure Platform

The entire platform is safe and secure using encrypted connections and communication channels. That means your interaction to the platfrom from web and mobile are always encrypted for maximum security. Data are hosted under secure hosting facilities in Denmark EU.

Get started in 60 seconds

It’s easy and fast to get started. Use our free trial to test and evaluate the platform with your own users. It only takes seconds to sign up and you can easily add users to the platform in seconds as well. Click below and get started today.

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