Combine with Info Screens for a Full
360 Degree Communication Channel

Reach Entire Organisation and "Guests of the House" via
Digital Info Screens on Select Locations

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Keep Staff and Guests of the House Up-To-Date via Digital Info Screens – the Usage are Endless

Using info screens, you can keep staff and guests of the house up to date with latest news, activities, weather, industry news, who is out, who is on leave or pretty much anything you would like to share. It gives you a 360 degree communication channel.

Different Locations = Different Content and Design

ZimaOne supports multiple locations so you can setup content and design depending on the locations audience target. It can be staff related or it can be “guests of the house” related.

The system is closely connected to ZimaOne Intranet and can get all data automatically from the system, but can also get data from sources like YouTube, Weather Channels, ERP systems or similar sources where API’s or RSS is available.

Everything Updates Automatically

Everything is automatically updated so it takes minimum management and maintenance. The system opens and closes display at a preset time preference as well.

Key features

Automatically and Dynamically Updated

Custom Designer Interface and Unlimited Slides

Multiple Location Support

Different Designs for Different Locations and Audience

Automatic Open and Close Schedule

Everything is Managed from Central System

Pull Data from System or External Sources via API/RSS

Use for Internal and External Use

Custom Programming Available

The Usage are Endless

Example of Contents

  • Corporate News and Daily Feed
  • Industry News and Live TV
  • Daily Weather and Forecast
  • Upcoming Activities, Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • New Employees, Who is out, Who is on Leave etc.
  • Department Messages and News
  • External content from ERP, CRM via API, RSS
  • Advertisement Content towards Public Audience
  • And much more…

Example of Locations

  • Lunch Room or Cafeteria
  • Staff Entrance
  • Production or Factory
  • Office
  • Reception
  • Construction Site
  • Other Department of the Company
  • Shop Area or other Public Area
  • And much more…