Incident Management
Make sure people and property are always safe and secure
Don't miss any issues or problems

Register and record any incidents or issues on the go – right from mobile

Incident Manager is a smart tool to register any incidents or near accidents on the go. It’s fast and easy to upload and document incidents that happens on the workplace. Attach photos and videos right from the smartphone and add information by type and severity.

  • Register and record incidents from mobile when it happens
  • Attach photos, videos and any form of documentation
  • Categories by different topics and categories
  • Register involved people and their contact info
  • Register action taken and/or future preventions plans
It's all about employee and public safety

Create a safer workplace

Using a tool to capture problem areas, incidents and potential accidents will help you understand the workplace better. This will give you insights to create a safe workplace where you can keep people and property safe and secure. It will save you money and potentiel injuries to employees and public.

  • Keep employees and public safe at all times
  • Keep property and equipment secure
  • Avoid risk of expensive fines, lawsuits and costly incidents
Get the insights behind the data

Analytics helps you understand problem areas and where to improve

With analytics you can dig into the data behind the incidents and see where the problems appears and where to put more effort to avoid these incidents. Maybe you need to speak to the department, maybe they are in need of tools or better learning and understanding. You have the picture of where to improve and avoid costly incidents.

  • Analyze data and get the full overview of impact areas
  • Meassure by different datapoints and periods
  • Helps understanding problem areas and where to improve
  • Building safe and secure workplaces for your employees
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