Employee Handbook
Make sure everyone have access to current policies and rules
Company rules and policies

Make the employee handbook available for everyone directly on the mobile

Make sure each employee can find the current policies and procedures in the company. With the digital and mobile employee handbook, everyone have access to current policies. No more PDF documents, but a searchable and organized digital employee handbook available at all times.

  • Unlimited Folders (With Permissions)
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Easy to use Editor
  • Attach any kind of files and media to Articles
Image with welcome folders + intro text style
Make onboarding easier for new employees

Welcome new employees and give them a warm welcome to the organization

Make sure new employees get a good start on their new workplace. With welcome new employee feature, you can give them access to everything that matters when starting a new job. Give them a warm welcome with the important information the need to know.

  • Welcome new employee introduction
  • Give them all the facts when starting their new job
  • Give information such a welcome, how to, what to remember
  • Works closely together with Employee Handbook
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