Slide With an employee app you can reach and connect your frontline workers with productive tools, communication and information right into their hands. Fast, easy and fleksible. An employee app that connects your frontline workers Learn more about our Solutions Tools to make your workforce
more productive
Become more effective and productive throughout your workforce

Communication, information, knowledge and tools – right to your frontline workers

Reach and connect everyone no matter where they are

With an employee app you can reach and connect frontline workers no matter where they are located. It gives a whole new opportunity to include everyone and bringing tools and informative features right to their smartphone.


Get information out to everyone faster



Everything inside one user friendly app

We’ve buildt an app that is very user focussed. So the app is very user friendly and everyone in the organization can get started without any introduction.

Improve internal communications and never miss any information again

ZimaOne® helps improve internal communications and news flow, so you can easily reach, connect and communicate with any workforce outside the office. Now you can connect employees on the go, in production and those with no computer access.


Reach everyone with the right communication



Everyone works together, no matter where they are


Tools to help your frontline workers to become more productive

With a number of tools, and more tools coming, you can give your frontline workers access to tools and features that will help them become more effective and productive in their workday. That will build better workplaces instead of building daily frustrations.

Your employees will love it! And so will your bottom line.

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Engage and motivate your workforce with the right messages and build strong company culture

Build teamwork and company culture

Bring your company together in one social app, will help bringing teamwork and cutture to the workforce. This will include everyone and motivate the teamwork and collaboration throughout the entire organization.


Give your employees a voice

By collaborating on app where everyone can be a bigger part of the family and company, will also motivate everyone to share their stories, ideas and give feedback and valuable information back to teams and managment. This will bring innovation and make great workplaces.


Its all about teamwork!

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