Slide With an employee app you can reach and connect your entire organization with productive tools, communication and information right into their smartphones. It's fast, easy and fleksible. ZimaOne® Workplace connects everyone and helps... Learn more about our Solutions Improve teamwork, productivity and
company culture with an internal
employee app

One central company hub

• Reach and connect everyone

With an employee app you can reach and connect frontline workers no matter where they are located. It gives a whole new opportunity to include everyone and bringing smart tools and information right to their smartphone.


• Get everyone on the same page

Get everyone on the same page and work together towards the same goals and values that builds your company. Now your entire organization from office to production can become a part of the journey towards the future.

Improve productivity throughout the entire workforce

• Tools to become more effective and productive

With an employee app you can give your workforce smart tools to become more effective and productive in their workfuntions. Information and tools are now available when they need it and it will help improve daily workflows, productivity and always having access to the right information at the right time.


• Share vital information faster to everyone

Don’t miss any important information, documents or company announcements anymore, but have all information right on hand, always available and no matter where you are. This will keep everyone informed about what is going on right now.

Your HR department will love it

• Save time and communnicate faster

With an employee app your HR department can communicate faster and easier, by communicating with groups, departments, locations and also direct messages to each employee. This will save time and money on communication with the workforce.


• Share the postive messages with everyone

The HR department can now quickly share campaigns, news, announcements and other important messages to the entire organization and share all the positive messages to keep everyone informed, included and a part of the company.

Grow company culture and motivate your employees

Build teamwork and company culture

Bring your company together in one social app, will help bringing teamwork and cutture to the workforce. This will include everyone and motivate the teamwork and collaboration throughout the entire organization.


Give your employees a voice

By collaborating on app where everyone can be a bigger part of the family and company, will also motivate everyone to share their stories, ideas and give feedback and valuable information back to teams and managment. This will bring innovation and make great workplaces.


Its all about teamwork!

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