Put your own touch on the app
Make it yours!

Add your own branding to the app

Make it your own, with your own logo, naming and mobile graphics, so your employees will feel at home and recognize the company branding. It will make the user experience and onboarding easier seeing something familiar and make it a success from the very start.

  • Add your own logo
  • Add custom mobile start graphics
  • Add naming to the portal
Private label app download

Your own app download on app store*

Want to go all in? Then you can opt to buy our customized app download package, where you will get your own name on the app store and have your own download link in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This will brand your name fully. Please note this comes with a yearly fee in order to maintain this service.

  • Your own app store download in Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Your own app name and icon
  • Your own download details
  • *Extra yearly fee will apply for this service
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