ZimaOne® Workplace

The company app platform that reaches and connects the entire organization!

Ready-to-use App Based Communication Portal

Reach and connect your entire workforce

Reach and connect your entire organization from one single app platform, with tools to help your organization improve communication, information flow and knowledge sharing.

Improve internal communication and information flow with a mobile app solution

Improve Internal Communication

Improve communication and information flow drastically by using your own internal company app.

Keep Everyone Updated

Using an app based platform, you can keep everyone updated no matter where they are.

Share Knowledge with Everyone

Information and knowledge are now right at your fingertips - fast, easy and always available

Build Engagement and Teamwork

Build a social connection using a company app, and reach and connect the entire organization.

One channel to reach and connect your organization

Reach your entire organization with the right information at the right time from a company app!

ZimaOne® is an app platform that connects your entire organization, from deskless workers, to frontline workers, with communication, news, knowledge and information – right at their fingertips at the right time.

Build community and teamwork

Build a new level of engagement and share all the news and achivements with everyone

Engage and motivate everyone with news and achivements, and build a social community where everyone’s invited to become a part of the organization – no matter where they are and the job they do.

Digitalize the organization

Tools to become more productive and effective

ZimaOne® gives you a number of productivity tools that help digitalize the workforce to become more efficient, productive and transparent throughout the organization. This provides a more connected organization – both productive and socially – between all employees in the organisation.

Become more innovative

Give your employees a voice and bring out the ideas and innovation that moves business

Become more innovative and bring the great ideas forward. Using a company app will help include and grow your workforce and help  bring out great ideas, innovation and feedback.

Customize the Platform

Enable only the tools that fits your organization and needs.

Easy to Use

The platform is easy to use for everyone and easy to adapt into the organization.

Safe and Secure

Communication is safe and secure, using SSL encypted connections.

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